If you are a value investor you probably do not see “values” in your portfolio for the last 10 years! Does that mean Warren Buffet’s buy and hold strategy is out and gone?

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Hi My name is Pauline Yong, I am a licensed financial planner and I have been investing for more than 25 years. Being a Finance graduate, I was naturally a “Value Investor”, I faithfully followed Warren Buffett annual meetings every year, I read Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Seth Klarman and many more investment gurus’ books. I told everyone I was a value investor!

Things changed while I was working as a research analyst in the late 90’s, I started to know about Technical Analysis, I was fascinated by how my colleagues were able to “predict” the stock movements by just looking at the charts. So I took up a TA course and I even took the CFTe exams and became a certified chartist.

So which one is better? Fundamental Analaysis or Technical Analaysis?

Before I tell you the answer, let me share with you the statistics.

Year     KLCI

2011    1523

2012    1685

2013    1865

2014    1757

2015    1686

2016    1636

2017    1783

2018    1693

2019    1590
2020    1629

The above are the year end KLCI prices for each year for the past 10 years. 

Do you see that the KLCI was flat in this lost decade? If you were to buy and hold these index component stocks which are mostly blue chip stocks, then your only comfort would be the dividends that you collected from these blue chip stocks can very well beat the Malaysian OPR or bank rate. However, the cruel fact is that you couldn’t beat inflation! I mean the real inflation!

However, if you were to invest in technology or healthcare stocks last year, you would probably see your portfolio ballooned to many times, depending on which stocks you bought.

The investing world is dynamic. 

There is a shift from “value investing” to “growth investing” now as we are transforming to the Industry 4.0 era.  

Award Winning Technical Analysis Stock course Malaysia

How To Invest The Right Way

I am passionate about investing, and I wanted to help investors, be it experienced or inexperienced, to navigate through the turbulence time of investing. So I published my first book “I Love Stocks” in 2005, and subsequently 5 more books to bring investment knowledge easily understandable to many novice investors.

Below are my achievements to bring investment knowledge to tens of thousands of people via various events and activities.

  • Over 5 years taught over 200 large scale corporate courses 


  • Accumulated over 50000+ students since 1996


  • Audience: CEOs, bankers, fund managers, financial planners, university students, SME owners


  • National best-selling author for 3 books since 2006 (I love Stocks, I Love Financial Planning and I love Trading) 


  • Published 5 English books, and 1 Mandarin book, sold globally since 2005


  • Bursa Malaysia webinar appointed speaker 2018 – present 


  • FPAM appointed course facilitator since 2017


  • Frequent judge and lecturer at Victoria University Australia since 2015


  • Industry advisor for UTM  (Thesis on Robo Advisor)


  • Guest speaker at Women Institute of Management Malaysia 2011-2013


  • Weekly Stock Market Commentator for City Plus FM 2017 – 2020.


  • Interviewed by BFM Radio, City Plus FM


  • Feature writer for Smart Investor, Focus, Money Compass, Citta Bella.


  • I managed my own investment blog since 2008, 


  • I also managed my own YouTube Channel in sharing about my investment and financial planning knowledge. 


I have designed unique stock analysis courses to help investors to invest the RIGHT WAY.

I use Value Investing (Fundamental Analysis) + Growth Momentum (Technical Analysis) in my strategy and have achieved a minimum 20% return for the past 10 years.

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Pauline Yong

Pauline is a licensed and experienced financial planner who is certified by the Malaysian Securities Commission Finanacial Planner Representative License ( CMSRL) and Bank Negara Financial Advisor Representative License (FAR). Pauline is also a course trainer and public speaker at Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) and Bursa Malaysia. Over 25 years in education, she has accumulated over 50,000 students and conducted over 200 large-scale corporate courses. Other than being a professional financial planner and educator, Pauline is also a bestselling author who has published 6 books on investment and financial planning. Her articles have appeared in financial magazines such as the Personal Money, Money Compass and many more.
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